Employment Opportunities

Are you driven to be different? Do you need to bring your creativity to life? Are you passionate about what you do, and can you bring that to others? Do you want to learn and redefine the graphic design and custom paint industries? Are you devoted to the pursuit of perfection?

If you can answer yes to at least one of these questions, we might have a job for you. We are looking to hire team members who can demonstrate a talent and passion for our industry.

Here at No Coast Design, we create “Design that moves.” Our custom graphics are reflections of our customers, our business and our execution. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality in our designs and custom paint. We want everyone who experiences our projects first hand to be moved by the finished product.

No Coast Design offers custom paint and design services for vehicles such as speedboats and aircraft and motor coaches. We also offer Image maintenance services for all vehicles, boats and aircraft through Image Control.

Don’t have real world experience? That’s ok. We are willing to work with the right individulas to develop industry skills. Above all we are looking for that passion, and commitment to excellence in your work. We feel strongly about how we execute our projects and we want our technitions to feel the same.

We are always looking for candidates who have these qualities. If you are one of these individuals, we look forward to hearing from you.

Positions listed represent our immediate openings. Please read through the full job description before applying. If applying for a job you must be local, or willing to relocate and or travel.

No Coast Design and Paint is subject to random screenings by the FAA. As such, we are a drug free facility.  

Our paint facility is located in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Our design studio is located in Elkhart, Indiana.

Immediate openings.

Final Finish Dept.
Image Tech.
Wet sand and Buffing of the clear coat finishes

Paint Dept.
Graphics tech.
Ability to shoot metallic paint evenly and arrive sober on a regular basis.