No Coast Custom Paint

No Coast Custom Paint was established to ensure proper execution of No Coast Design projects.  We are very excited to have an in-house paint shop where we can see to every detail of the final stages of our projects.

At No Coast Design, we work hard to create design that moves, both you and the vehicle. We want it to capture everything you envisioned for your new image. However, even the best designs can fall flat with the wrong paint job. With No Coast Custom Paint, you don’t have to worry. We can now ensure the execution of your design is accurate and in line with our high standards of quality.

We look forward to being able to completely manage your project from start to finish. We know you will be pleased with No Coast Custom Paint’s ability to produce high quality, durable, paint schemes.


No Coast Custom Paint was established to deliver the highest quality paint schemes possible in the industry. We are committed to the pursuit of perfection in each of our projects, and with No Coast Custom Paint we believe we will be able to come closer than ever before.


In 2014, No Coast Design was able to establish its own in-house paint facility, No Coast Custom Paint. Our Paint Facility, located in Benton Harbor, Michigan, also houses Flying Colors Aviation, an aircraft paint refinisher. We are honored to work with Ken Kaminski, founder of Flying Colors, in this new venture.

While No Coast Design has extensive experience and tenure in the custom paint industry,  we have not always had the nessary control over the final steps that we desired. Prior to 2014, No Coast Design had to contract with outside paint shops for executing custom projects. Often this meant sending our staff to other locations that may not have met our high standards.

The decision to establish No Coast Custom Paint was founded in the desire to produce custom graphics beyond the expectations of our clients.