Outerlimts/Whipple SV43: On Board And Up Close


Matt Trulio – Speed on the Water22 December 2013

When is a five-hour round-trip drive for an hour of boating worth the effort just three days before Christmas? Especially when the wrath of your family is guaranteed? In almost every case I can think of, the answer would be never.

In its third testing session today, Dustin Whipple’s Outerlimits SV43 topped 150 mph. Photo courtesy/copyright Robert Brown/Robert Brown Photography.

But today’s run with Mike Fiore and Dustin Whipple in Whipple’s Outerlimits SV43 V-bottom powered by a pair of 1,385/1,600 supercharged engines—the product of a collaboration between Whipple Industries and Teague Custom Marine—was absolutely worth it.

Under construction, so to speak, for almost two years, the sit-down 43-footer is a one-of-a-kind rocket. And the detail work on the boat is as over-the-top as that of any Outerlimits I’ve ever seen. Plus, I got to spend a little time with Fiore, the owner and founder of Outerlimits, and Whipple, both longtime friends.

Why the rush to take a boat ride just before Christmas? Because a complete feature on Whipple’s SV43 will run in the January/February issue of Speed on The Water digital magazine. Syncing schedules with Fiore ,Whipple and photographer Robert Brown is kind of like—to borrow from some of the talk of the day—mapping a new engine platform. It doesn’t necessarily happen easily or on the most convenient timetable, so when the planets align you seize the moment.

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