Inside the Team Provocative Paint Project: Speed on the water Article

Not long after I purchased my slightly used Outerlimits SL 44 V-bottom, now called Team Provocative, from the Outerlimits factory in Bristol, R.I., I began to notice some problems with the paint on its deck. From what I could see, the paint was failing to adhere in a few areas. The trouble spots were small and easy to repair and limited to deck, but as time went by they got worse—the areas became larger and quite expensive to repair, especially when the repair area was in the middle of a graphic. In reality, the entire paint job on the deck was failing

As many people inside and outside the Outerlimits circle know, I have close ties with the Outerlimits factory. In fact my relationship with Mike Fiore, who founded the company, went further than the typical supplier-customer relationship. We were good friends.

outersl44tuck 01

Thomas Kulesia of No Coast Design created the stunning design for Tuck’s 44-footer (click image to enlarge).

Mike and I explored many options for resolving the paint issue and had agreed on one of two scenarios: One being that Outerlimits would repaint the deck of the boat or the other being that they would give me a credit toward paint on a new boat.


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Client Feedback – John

We recently had the pleasure of working on a Renegade Motorcoach for  a client. Here is a little of what he had to say about his experience working with No Coast and the outcome of his project.


John was looking to give his motorcoach a little flair.  He was initially thinking about vinyl decals and contacted his local shop. In searching for a look that fit his vision, his shop brought up paint schemes from No Coast Design. Once he contacted Thomas, his decision was made.

We work with local area shops for smaller items, none could come close to offering what No Coast could supply. From the initial design stages No Coast out performed my expectations of what could be accomplished.  I would highly recommend and thoroughly trust in their ability to produce an amazing job.

At No Coast Design , our mission is to consistently exceed your expectations in every aspect- design, execution and service. We want to ensure that what you envision, what we create and what gets delivered match perfectly throughout the process. We understand that the big picture is made of little details that really make a difference, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that everything is done properly.

We initially calculated a 15 day schedule to complete the project but found some work hiding under the surface. An extra 5 days were required to repaint the front cab. I was kept informed on the projects schedule the entire time and made aware of smaller details that in the end really paid off.

John now has the new custom motor home that he dreamed about. We are proud that we were able to execute a design that moves…..

For most it’s hard to express a concept of thought and have someone take that thought and paint it. No Coast exceeded this with their background in graphic design. Full communication throughout the project resulted in a “perfect match” to my ideal paint scheme. The use of fades to enhance the graphics absolutely makes the lines come to life and flow through the entire paint scheme…. Outstanding job.

Thanks for the feedback John. We were happy to work with you and would be glad to help you with any future needs.
Enjoy the road! You can see more pictures of this project here.
Renegade RV Garage Unit 011

Interested in getting a new look for your own vehicle? You too can be as happy as John with a new custom design and paint job from No Coast Design & Paint. Please contact us to discuss your project and what we can do for you.

Outerlimits 52SL


Dear Thomas,

As you know I just took delivery on my 52 Outerlimits SL this past Saturday.  I wanted to say that your graphic design and the painting done by Andy Weaver of Lake Effect was nothing short of spectacular! Your creativity, patience, and attention to detail combined with Andy’s painting skills and the hard work of the Outerlimits crew all came together to create a truly unique and awesome power boat.

You answered the bell each time I challenged you on tweaking the design to not only combine the right colors but the graphics that represent my personality and lifestyle. We truly created a wow factor but managed to keep it elegant at the same time.

Thank you again for your persistence and hard work in completing such an unbelievable work of art! I look forward to working together again in the future.

– Toms River, NJ