The process starts when you, the prospective client, contact No Coast Design.
We can be reached through email or by phone between the hours of 9am -9pm EST.


During the initial stages, we like to be able to get a feel for the project and get to know you, the customer.

For example, what are your objectives? What statement do you want your vehicle to make? Do you already own the vehicle, or is it being purchased? Do you want to personalize a design you really like on the website, or create something completely new?

This initial conversation also allows us to answer any additional questions you might have. Then we can establish a timeline and budget. Once the project has been accepted it will be scheduled to begin. A deposit will be required when work on the project has commenced.


Designing the graphics is a personal one on one basis. We want to make sure we understand and capture the ideas and visions you have for your project. This is the most fluid part of the process time-wise. Once a design is completed, we schedule production and finalize the budget and timeline so that production can begin.


No Coast Custom Paint will handle this portion of the job at our paint facility in Benton Harbor, Michigan. We will schedule the painting to begin around the arrival of the vehicle. We prefer to handle the painting portion in house so that we can have greater control over the quality of work and the execution of the project.

Due to insurance purposes, you must arrange and handle transportation of the vehicle to our paint facility. We understand that the logistics and cost of transporting vehicles is impractical in some situations. In these cases, we are willing to work with a paint shop in your area that meets our standards. We can discuss the various aspects of the situation should the need arise.

You will receive regular updates on the progress of your project throughout the painting process. This helps to ensure that the project is as near perfect as possible to what you envisioned, as well as alerting you when we are nearing the end.


Your vehicle may be picked up as soon as we are satisfied with the execution of the design.

We require you to collect your vehicle within 5 days of completion, due to cost of storage and lack of space. (In our experience, this usually isn’t a problem…how could you wait to show off your new image ?)