Speed on the Water Notes Paint Shop Opening

Speed on the Water notes the opening of No Coast Custom Paint in their online magazine. Read the article below, or click the link to read the article on Speed on the Water.

Noted high-performance powerboat graphics designer Thomas Kulesia, III, has established his own in-house painting facility called No Coast Custom Paint in Benton Harbor, Mich. Kulesia, who has designed graphics for almost every big-name go-fast builder in the United States, has partnered with Ken Kaminski, and the two will work out of the Flying Colors Aviation facility founded and owned by Kaminski. Previously, Kulesia’s graphic designs had either been executed by in-house staff members at the boat companies or outsourced to full-time painting companies typically specializing in the recreational vehicle and private aircraft markets.


Kulesia designed and managed the graphics application for this SL 50 V-bottom from Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats.

Kulesia said he expanded his services so that he can have design-to-execution control of the entire painted graphics process. That way, he can “ensure the project reflects exactly what the rendering and the customer intended,” he said in press release on the new venture.

“The decision to establish our own paint facility was founded in the desire to produce custom paint schemes beyond the expectations of our clients,” Kulesia in the release. “We needed our own facility to allow for complete control over the final product.

“It’s very important that, after months of working on a design, the project be executed properly and that the graphics are delivered with the renderings’ original intent,” he continued. “That is the difference between design and art. Art is subjective and design is evaluated on the intention and execution of the objective.”


–Written by Matt Trulio of Speed on the Water

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